Sunday, 22 August 2010

You will no longer be able to find some of my older poems on my blog. My poetry says alot about me as a person. When I wrote some of my older poems I wasn't always the person I wanted to be. I needed breathing space to reinvent myself and to practice being the person I want to be. So now I will try my best to write again when I have the time, in between my work and other things. However my style will change. I'm happy to be who I am now, with a true friend right beside me. I hope you enjoy my writing :)

Perfectly peaceful
The night that is perfectly peaceful, we close our eyes, to a world of gentle wishes, soft as the sky. The dream that flows like water, silky as my sheets. The rise and fall of a childs chest. Shhh, not a breath to be heard.


Anonymous said...
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Ridens, The Everlaughing said...

aww that's sad :( I liked all of them. no wait they were mostly sad ones so is deleting them a happy thing?

I'm glad you've decided to find a new style that's yourself now. Who is that "true friend" anyway?

Beautiful piece at the bottom :) short but nice.

Soph and Nanda said...

@Ridens~~its neither really its just a case of moving on and putting the past behind me. My true friend has stuck by me through the good and the bad times and is always there for me no matter what. :D

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful. That one really took me aback.

Soph and Nanda said...

@Jack~~thanks :) Its exciting trying a different stle, even though I have very little time to write.