Friday, 24 September 2010

They sit around the coffee table like two old friends. They share a warm smile. Sip at a hot mug of decaf coffee. Simple small talk:
- the weather
- family
- friends.
It seems easy enough.

They elaborate. Describing days out at the park with their children. Honest Innocent fun. Jokes, and laughter at what little Sam is doing. Nothing more. Just two friends catching up.

Soon it becomes more. A delicate foot slides along a leg. Warm hands touching. Deeper breaths. But only friends.

A delicate tongue caressing the ear, a gentle stroke of her hair. Maybe more than just friends.

They begin to read deeper into little mannerisms. Was that really a twitch or a suggestive wink of the eye? Was that touch an accident or could he not resist?

They see their partners grow weak, eyes sunken,hair turning grey, there children slip away from them. No more excitement in this "friendship." More than just friends?

Inspired by gifts and loans*