Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Two minutes of musings

Written in about two minutes when my boyfriend was inspiring me....its not perfect, and heck it needs some refining, but that's the beauty of poetry. So Bene sweetheart, this is for you...not about you ;-)

Sitting on the doorstep, when we first met....clothed in silk and satin, a day you won't forget. You dream a million dreams, but its never what it seems. You left me standing on my own, forgot the love I'd ever shown. I miss your rich kisses, the chance to become your misses. But you never bought my ring, or let me hear you sing. Let me try again my prince, let me be your girl. With out you I am nothing you are my perfect world......

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I sit in silence- empty space.
Weaving thoughts into a web.

I stare blankly at the dark spot on the wall- murder?

Your face appears before me-a hallucination? or just the lights from the TV?

"Speak to me, please sweet mother."

Silence...silence...silence- booming like thunder, crashing down on me.

My needles click together.

My web is growing larger- each thread connected to another.

Each life connected to mine.


Friday, 24 September 2010

They sit around the coffee table like two old friends. They share a warm smile. Sip at a hot mug of decaf coffee. Simple small talk:
- the weather
- family
- friends.
It seems easy enough.

They elaborate. Describing days out at the park with their children. Honest Innocent fun. Jokes, and laughter at what little Sam is doing. Nothing more. Just two friends catching up.

Soon it becomes more. A delicate foot slides along a leg. Warm hands touching. Deeper breaths. But only friends.

A delicate tongue caressing the ear, a gentle stroke of her hair. Maybe more than just friends.

They begin to read deeper into little mannerisms. Was that really a twitch or a suggestive wink of the eye? Was that touch an accident or could he not resist?

They see their partners grow weak, eyes sunken,hair turning grey, there children slip away from them. No more excitement in this "friendship." More than just friends?

Inspired by gifts and loans*

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Free to fly posted by soph

Shut your eyes. Embrace the skies.
Flutter your wings. See what hope brings.
Fly the breeze. Soar high with ease.

Lift of the ground. Silence no sound.
Clear your mind. No longer man kind.
You're free to fly. Let out a sigh.

Peace is above. Fly like a dove.
elegant and regal. Fly like an eagle.
streamlined and slight. Fly like a kite.

Clean your soul. You now have a goal.
Your nearing the top. There's no time to stop.
Paradise within grip. Don't let it slip.

Imagination runs wild. Let out your inner child.
Innocent and free once more. Happiness to the very core.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

You will no longer be able to find some of my older poems on my blog. My poetry says alot about me as a person. When I wrote some of my older poems I wasn't always the person I wanted to be. I needed breathing space to reinvent myself and to practice being the person I want to be. So now I will try my best to write again when I have the time, in between my work and other things. However my style will change. I'm happy to be who I am now, with a true friend right beside me. I hope you enjoy my writing :)

Perfectly peaceful
The night that is perfectly peaceful, we close our eyes, to a world of gentle wishes, soft as the sky. The dream that flows like water, silky as my sheets. The rise and fall of a childs chest. Shhh, not a breath to be heard.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Words- posted by Soph

Words. Lifeless, bitter, exciting, flamboyant, dull, vivid, colourful...

So many different emotions so many words...

Open an empty notebook and play with words to paint any picture with any tone.

Words give us our identity. The language we use tells others who we are and how we act. Do you speak posh? Do you speak with an accent? Do you speak your first language? You are your words.

Words are our thoughts, they are our dreams, they help us to communicate and live our lives.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Heaven's Missing an Angel posted by Nanda

Honestly, I don’t understand why
They took our loved ones to the sky
It takes away your smile
Then you cry for quite awhile
Thoughts of my beloved
My hands trying to reach the sky above

They say it’s because heaven’s missing an angel
That He took her away to be His guardian angel
They say ‘darling, wipe away your tears’
Let the rain wash away your fears
You needn’t grasp too hard to the past
For it will never last

And I know, heaven’s missing an angel
Though my heart still throbs in pain
And I’ll always be holding in vain
To your smile, To your laugh
Now it’ll never be enough
Cause heaven’s missing an angel
To make my guardian angel