Saturday, 28 August 2010

Free to fly posted by soph

Shut your eyes. Embrace the skies.
Flutter your wings. See what hope brings.
Fly the breeze. Soar high with ease.

Lift of the ground. Silence no sound.
Clear your mind. No longer man kind.
You're free to fly. Let out a sigh.

Peace is above. Fly like a dove.
elegant and regal. Fly like an eagle.
streamlined and slight. Fly like a kite.

Clean your soul. You now have a goal.
Your nearing the top. There's no time to stop.
Paradise within grip. Don't let it slip.

Imagination runs wild. Let out your inner child.
Innocent and free once more. Happiness to the very core.


Ridens, The Everlaughing said...

i'm not a huge fan of lots of rhymes so this is a bit too much for my taste actually XD it must've taken ages to find all those.
the first and second stanza seem a bit repetitive in content to me. other than that the content is a nice stream (which fits with the flight theme), i think it's rather good. it's nice to see you writing less depressing things :P

Soph and Nanda said...

@Ridens~~Thank you ;-) I agree. It feels good to be writing more positively.

Jack said...

I agree with Ridens, it is nice to see more posts without the depressive touch, and I liked the rhymes in there, must have taken you a while to put them all together. :)